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2 day Program: Route for the High Atlas.
We invite you to discover a secret and magic nature.
A fabulous environment isolated from the tourist used circuits... .


Day 1 – Ouadaker, small village to the south of Marrakech, at the foot of the high Atlas, and point of game of our tours.
Besides, there is a valley that separates us from another village that is called Azrou. The latter has his own tradition different from that of Oudaker particularly to level of the folklore. First of all, Azrou is a small village given to a mountain where a spring flows where sprouts a mineral water. Following a path that borders on the valley that crosses the mountain of the high Atlas, of a duration of 2,30h of march we come to a village of mountain left called Tasga, where sprouts a spring. To his side there are a few houses and fruit-bearing and wild trees. It is the breakfast time, we eat a good plate outdoors + a visit that allows us to walk along the loneliness of these houses. I joust next to this place, there is a way that takes the village to recapture the south shore. After 1,30h from march we come to Tizgi.

Rout ofthe high atlas

Certainly, Tizgi is also a mountainous village that has the same characteristics that Tasga, unless it is still lived by a very hospitable people. Leaving Tizgi climbing his mountains we are opposite to a village called Azgour. In Azgour there was a neighborhood called Agourbi that was lived for first French colonists.
There can be seen in Azgour the vestiges of a former mine exploited by the Frenchmen. Recently in Azgour one organizes every Monday a Zoco called The Monday. It is the end of the day. We come to a house Berber, after the snack has + the local visit return to happen the first night.

Day 2 – Of return we are going to take a way that crosses the mountains of high Atlas of a duration of three hours of march, including the stops that is done to satisfy the curiosity of the clients on having come to a place called Tanotfiotar: the place of the ambulant seller. It is a midday, the breakfast time, We locate a good place, since like always outdoors.
After having eaten and rested we lower the mountains that allow to see Ouadaker's panoramic sight, our point of game. In Tilila you also can feel the comfort in his spacious and sunny rooms, with his typical decoration. We return to the traditional Marrakech, after having taken the snack and the dinner we will happen the second night.




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