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10 day Program: Tour MTB across the M'Goun massif.


Mgoun Massif

Day 1 – Arrival in Marrakech. Hotel.

Day 2 – Transport towards Tabannt, then Imi-Ifri, raise BTT, luncheon in Aît Oukrim (1000m). Vivaque Imi-N-Ouaqqa 1150m, 300m, D200.

Day 3 – Raise of the Tizi-N-Tighist hill(2400m) in which a few cave engravings it is, descent towards the valley Ait Boulli, to have breakfast in Guersif (in forest of walnuts), to the evening we cross the happy valley (Ait Bougummez) (1800m). Overnight in house of the village or vivaque. 1800m, 1000m, D 700m

Day 4 – Valley Ait Bougumez, Tabannt (1850m) where there is the accompanists' school of mountain of Morocco, raised to the hill Tighist (2629m) Asurki's clump (3700m), I have breakfast in Tizi-N-Llissi (2606m), impressive sight of Aroudan's beautiful walls. Overnigth in Zaouiat Ahansal (1600m) in house of the village, 900m, D 1000.

Day 5 – Zaouiat Ahansal => Anargui. Return to lower the valley Ahansal up to Marfaman's foot and his 800m of walls that the Cathedral of rock calls itself also, breakfast on the banks of the river (1100m) with Marfaman's foot, return mending the deep throats of the assif Melloul for the forests of pines and abrupt walls, and for the forests of laurels roses.
Vivaque in Anargui, 1600m, 400m, D 500.

Day 6 – Raise to Afoud-N-Iroul's hill (2481m) descent towards the village of Tasfer (2000m) (picnic) after the village of Tarzoute, turned by the valley assif Akka-N-Ouanine, discovering a blue exceptional lake, the pearl of Atlas, the lake Tslit.
Vivaque, 2250m, 1100m, D 700.

Day 7 – Mended along the riverbed of the small river Melloul, village of Moussem of the boyfriends, the biggest party of the Atlas. Direction towards Todra raised to the hill Tinrhouzine (2700m) and descent talks on the valley to the multicolored field. Vivaque in Ait Hani.

Day 8 – Ait Hani => Todra's Throat. A little frequented stage that returns to mend a valley in a mineral desert, crosses the village of Tamtatoucht, and then the throat of the Todra.

Day 9 – Voyage towards Merzouga, Minibus or 4x4, on sand in Engchabi.

Day 10 – Merzouga => Marrakech. Passing for Zat, visits the Kasbah de Bacha Laglaoui.





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