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15 day Program: TOUBKAL 15 - vallée de AZADN ( Hike around the High Atlas - Toubkal. From April to September).

Massif Toubkal

Day 1 – Arrival in MARRAKECH. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2 – MARRAKECH – TIZIANE. Departure on a minibus to IMIOUGHLAD. Start of the hike ascending to REIN TACHT (1.900m.). Overnight at refuge. 5 hours hike.

Day 3 – TIZIANE – TIGHI TECHKEN (1.900m.). We will go through the TALAT NIKISS valley and reach TIZI N’TOUHOUTI (2.500m.). Beautiful views of TAZAGHART. Overnight in tent.

Day 4 – TECHKENT – AZIB TAMSOULT (2.400m.). We will go round TAZAGHRT and TIZI N’DOUKDAL (2.600m.). Overnight in tent.

Day 5 – AZIB TAMSOULT – ARMED (1.900m.). We will follow the TIZI N’MEZZIK route (2.500m.) and reach the path that will take us to the big ARMED plateau. Overnight in tent or refuge.

Day 6 – ARMED – NELTNER refuge (3.200m.). Through SIDI CAMHÂROUCH (3100m.) we will reach the foot of TOUBKAL. Overnight in tent.

Day 7 – NELTNER – J’BEL TOUBKAL – NELTNER. Ascent to the highest peak in North Africa. Overnight in tent.

Day 8 – NELTNER – IFNILake. TIZI N’OUANOUMS (3.600m.). A Marabout consecrates this place. Overnight in tent or refuge.

Day 9 – AMSOUZART – ASSARAG – AMSSOUZART. Day off. Visit to the moroccan market of ASSARAGE. Overnight at refuge.

Day 10 – AMSOUZART – AZIB LIKEMT (2.650m.) through TIZI N’OUAI (3.109m.) and descent through the TINZART valley. Overnight in tent.

Day 11 – AZIB LIKEMT – OUANESKERA (2.050m.). We will reach the valley through AZIB NLIKEMT (3.615m.). Overnight in tent.

Day 12 – OUANESKRA – IMLIL (1.700m.). We will descend through the valley to reach AMSSAKROU (1.700m.). Later we will franquear TIZI N’AGUER SIROUA (1.900m.) and reach IMLIL. Overnight at refuge.

Day 13 – IMLIL – MARRAKECH. Return to MARRAKECH on a minibus after lunch. Free afternoon. Overnight at hotel.

Day 14 – Day off in MARRAKECH. Overnight at hotel.

Day 15 – Return.



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