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3 day Program: Marrakech vers Ouadaker

Day 1 – the morning, Ouadaker, the point of pedestrian game of our treks towards the refuge of the modern world where peoples live with ancient and hospitable traditions.
Leaving Ouadaker towards Regraga, an environment of pottery of which they are who will be able to visit and to find big craftsmen. In the same route we are going to see the Fort of France, magnificent historical vestige.
According to the way that takes Imi-N-Tala after having passed the house of the forester, the first village Berber will be Ait Ouskri. It is an almost midday, the hour of having lunch outdoors in the nature.
We will continue in the same route after having eaten and rested. Normally we are going to cross the villages Berbers: Tizi, Tougelkhir, Imi-n-tala and finally Adouz, in a house Berber. After the snack, Imi-N-Tala's local visit and the return in the house, to have dinner and to happen the night.



Day 2 – We go out towards the discovery of Adouz's surroundings, organized to the exit of the house Berber.
Really it was a place where can touch the real culture Berber across the structure of the houses and the spontaneity and hospitality of these people. Evidently, we are going to cross some villages Berbers, particularly: Ait Marzoug, Oussoul, Tizi oussoul, and finally Kettou, in which it is going to have be for breakfast. Of return we are going to cross Amzmiz's great valley in order to recover the south shore. We continue on a way that takes Amzmiz before coming to Ait Hmed in which one is going to pass it 2a in the night. Also we are going to cross some villages Berbers that very intimate and that share the same characteristics of life, for example: Imzain, Dounmar, Igourdane and finally It Had like hmed.
After the snack the local visit of Had like hamd, the return to Aid Hmed's mansion to have dinner and to happen the second night.

Day 3 – After continuing the tour that takes Amzmiz, two hours of march, we are going to descend on a path that takes Almanar.
Some meters later, Sidi Hassain: tame, passing to the latter Hanna's mills. It is an almost midday and we are going to have breakfast in the edge of Amzmiz's valley. After the luncheon, continuing the march climbing a path that tacks to cross Tizi-Irourane's great mountain, the sight is panoramic. For the same way to Tilila we are going to cross beautiful villages Berbers: Zauite-n-talit, Sidi Hssan or Moussa, Timsourine, and finally Ouadaker our point of game. After the snack and the dinner and last night in our house, the return to Marrakech




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